Looting: they steal for € 7000 of drinks


Three people were summoned to the criminal court of Saint-Martin Thursday, December 14 for a case of theft in a meeting. 

After Irma's visit, they decided to use their roommate's pick-up to supply the residents of the residence. They went to the Red Cross food distribution and on their return stopped at a warehouse located near the airport of Grand Case to steal 250 bottles of alcohol and more than 600 softs, or "to take the supplement " Damage estimated at 7000 euros by the warehouse owner.

When the president of the court pointed out to one of the defendants that 250 bottles of alcohol do not really correspond to an emergency need, he replied: “Given the stress of people in the evening without water and electricity. , it was better to drink to relieve the tensions ”.

The court found the three defendants guilty. He sentenced one to 2 months suspended prison sentence and 140 hours of community service and the other two to three months suspended sentence and 400 euros fine. He also ordered the confiscation of the vehicle and received the civil action from the victim. The three defendants are ordered to pay him € 7000 jointly.

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