HERITAGE Place to (re) discover: Fort Louis


Built in 1789 under the leadership of the Chevalier de Durat then governor of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy for the King of France, Fort Louis made it possible to strengthen the defense of port warehouses. Many crops of salt, cane sugar, coffee and rum were thus saved from the hands of ill-intentioned buccaneers. In order to best contain enemy assaults, the fort was equipped with cannons, loopholes and a water tank. Then abandoned, it was restored during the 19th century to once again become a place of battles between French and English looters. The wear of time made it suffer until 1993 when another renovation took place thanks to the archaeological association Hope Estate. Overlooking the bay of Marigot, you will have to climb the 91 steps that separate you from the summit. The ascent starts in the car park located at the end of the street… du Fort Saint Louis. The ruins welcome you in all their majestic splendor and bilingual signs complete the cultural visit of this place that has become essential. Visitors will enjoy a breathtaking view of Marigot, Anguilla, Simpson Bay, Terres Basses and Nettle Bay, day and night. The sunsets there are also sublime. _Vx

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