Border crossing: The Gendarmerie, the PAF and the KPSM (Dutch Police) are on the lookout 24 hours a day!


The Government of Sint Maarten strengthened the confinement rules on Sunday, April 5, calling on all residents to stay at home. No exits are authorized, except for certain emergency services and essential services. We do not cross the border as we want!

As part of our cooperative relations, residents of Sint Maarten who carry out an activity in Saint-Martin in a field essential to the management of the crisis (in the sense adopted by the government of Sint Maarten) or justifying a trip for imperative reason for medical emergency can circulate and go in part French.

It is then up to these people to request official proof from the Prefecture to cross the border. The request for this proof is made by email to the address and must mention the identity, date and place of birth, personal address, profession and professional address of the applicant. A copy of the professional travel certificate signed by the employer must be attached.
In Saint-Martin, the border points of Oyster Pond and Cupecoy are closed. To travel between the French part and the Dutch part of the island, the population must pass through Belle Plaine or Bellevue. Controls are carried out by the KPSM on the Sint-Maarten side and by the gendarmerie and the PAF on the Saint-Martin side. And this, 24 hours a day!

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