SOLIDARITY PARTNERSHIP: Agreement signed between the Fondation de France, the Collectivity and Unite Caribbean


In the continuity of her official visit, responsible for meetings in the field and with officials, the main representative of the Fondation de France (FDF) renewed her mutual aid collaboration with the Collectivity of Saint Martin, by signing a support agreement associations.

As a reminder, the day after Hurricane Irma, the Fondation de France allocated 12 of the 15 million euros collected for the “Solidarité Antilles” program in Saint Martin. To this day, the Fondation de France is still present in the territory, and this time, with a desire to provide support. The FDF called on Unite Caribbean, a Guadeloupean social enterprise that advises on sustainable development issues throughout the Caribbean basin. The particularity of Unite Caribbean is to create bridges and footbridges between the islands to make the actors work together and enable them to find solutions and prospects for activities, the important component of which is the strengthening of the skills of local actors, whether it is the local communities and the associative sectors. When the Fondation de France was at the end of its emergency system in Saint Martin, the question arose for it of the aftermath, with the desire not to find itself in a logic of cliff effect, to namely a total and sudden stop aids. Unite Caribbean met with all the players involved and implemented a pilot experience for a year which consisted of supporting a group of associations from Saint Martin on a range of activities. A strong partnership with Initiative Saint Martin Active (ISMA) has made it possible to set up phase two of this local support system (DLA), a phase which consists in transmitting this methodology to associations which are intended to be there on a long-term basis. After a discussion with the Collectivity, mainly the management of local life and associative life, an agreement was established between Damien Bauchau of Unite Caribbean, Daniel Gibbs, president of the Collectivity and Karine Meaux of the Fondation de France. One-year agreement entitled "Support system for Saint Martin associations" (DAASM) and signed since last week. The system is financed by the Collectivité with 72.000 euros and by the Fondation de France with 60.000 euros. A working meeting followed the official signature meeting in order to develop this promising phase two, which is already in operation. _VX


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