Partnership: The Motoworld group official sponsor of Carnival 2020!


The 2020 edition of the Carnival of Saint-Martin is fast approaching! Motorworld has chosen to fully show its support and commitment to these festivities and as such, FCDSM is proud to announce it for the first time as official sponsor of the Carnival of Saint Martin.

The Motorworld group is known to everyone for its commitment to the community of Saint-Martin. Her resilience allowed her to stay focused on building partnerships with our community.

“I am very pleased that Motorworld is able to support FCDSM this year. It is our desire to create a unique and entertaining experience while strengthening our commitment to the community and we are happy that Motorworld shares the same feeling. We thank you for your generous and continuous partnership because your support means a lot to us and is greatly appreciated. "Said the President of FCDSM.

“Motorworld Group of companies (MWG) which includes the Motorworld, Dollar / Thrifty Cra rental, Caribbean auto and Audi brands, is an automotive group which supports national events such as Carnival which brings together a large audience and ultimately contributes to of his community a better place to live, work and enjoy with friends, family and loved ones. The extension of our collaboration with FCDSM reaffirms our commitment to contribute to the development of the carnival on the north side ”declared the representative of Motorworld.

FCDSM encourages everyone to stay tuned to the various media for more information on the program of the St Martin 2020 carnival. The festivities will start on February 15 and all the population is invited to be part of what is to come superb. FCDSM can be contacted by phone on 0690 37 55 57 / email or facebook: Carnaval de Saint-Martin.

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