FIPCOM - MEDEF Guadeloupe partnership


On the occasion of 1er entrepreneur's breakfast FIPCOM and UDE - MEDEF Guadeloupe signed a partnership agreement at the end of the meeting.

The Union des Entreprises de Guadeloupe and Fipcom, both affiliated to the national MEDEF (Mouvement Des Entreprises de France), took advantage of this meeting of job creators from Saint-Martin, to sign a partnership agreement in front of them.

A representative of each entity will sit on the board of directors of the other and vice versa. This agreement will also allow representatives of Fipcom to sit on the boards of directors of organizations such as CGSS, CGRR, CAF, etc. in Guadeloupe.

This agreement signed by Michel Vogel (Fipcom), Tony Morvan and Jacques Fayel, vice-presidents of the UDE, will strengthen the links which unite the two associations in our region.

Another desire for union made even more necessary in this unprecedented period that we are going through.

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