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The OEPRE is an operation carried out in partnership between the Ministries of the Interior and National Education. In Saint-Martin, this is conducted by the CASNAV antenna of the Northern Islands coordinated by Emmanuel Pené, under the direction of Eric Aujas IEN-ET-EG Letters-History and Geography, CASNAV technical advisor for the academy.

Intended for parents of newly arrived foreign students, the OEPRE system is a learning space organized in the form of workshops around the teaching of French, the discovery of the values ​​of the Republic and the functioning of the school system.

Based on the volunteering of parents, these workshops are free and take place within schools, colleges or high schools. They consist of groups of 12 to 15 learners and their duration is between 60 and 120 hours per year in order to meet the objectives defined in the NORMEN circular of April 3, 2017:

• the acquisition of mastery of the French language (literacy, learning or improvement) through teaching French as a second language. This module makes it possible to obtain a certification (in particular the initial French language diploma - DILF) and to facilitate professional integration.

• presentation of the principles of the Republic and its values to promote better integration into French society.

• knowledge of the school institution, of the rights and duties of students and parents, assistance in the exercise of parenthood to give parents the means to better support their children in their schooling.

This year, two establishments are hosting the OEPRE: the Mont-des-Accords college for the Marigot sector and the Roche Gravée de Moho college for the Quartier d'Orléans sector.

These workshops are a great success since many parents who have already attended this device in previous years have volunteered to continue their learning in this device, thus demonstrating their desire to learn French and to follow the school education of their child but also to integrate into the social and economic life of Saint Martin. In addition, this year again, new volunteer parents are discovering this device with enthusiasm for the first time.

In each of the two sectors, the operation begins with an information meeting led by Mr. Pené, CASNAV coordinator, with the participation of the head of the host establishment and the teacher in charge of the courses.

In Saint-Martin, all parents are welcome on the sole condition of having at least one child registered in a public school on the French side, priority being given to those who have a child registered in the UPE2A (Unit Pedagogical for Arriving Allophone Students).

For more information about this scheme and how to register, you can contact CASNAV at the following address:

Emmanuel Pené, CASNAV Coordinator Northern Islands Branch – SENIDN level 1 – 2nd floor – Mall West-Indies – Marigot – 97150 Saint-Martin – Tel: 0590 47 82 96

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