Opening of a new psychomotricity practice in Marigot


“Growing well, aging better” is the motto of “KALI'NATHERAPY”, the new psychomotricity practice which opened its doors last week at 1C rue de la mairie (1st floor of Forum Caraïbes).

Psychomotrician at Innovation Medicale Caraïbes in Quartier d'Orléans, Ananda Arnell has also just created her company "KALI'NATHERAPY".

Its new psychomotricity practice located in Marigot is aimed at people with fragile mental health or physical and behavioral difficulties (children, adolescents, adults and the elderly).

Psychomotricity highlights the connection between the body and the psychic, on the basis that the two are linked, and not independent. Its mission: to prevent, to treat, to participate in the diagnosis of doctors, to raise public awareness of Psychomotor disorders.

“I carry out psychomotor assessments, rehabilitation and therapy depending on the patient”, underlines Ananda Arnell who practices care in her office and at home every day of the week or including in Saint-Barthélemy on Mondays. _AF

Contact : 06 90 49 66 20

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