Opening of a Pro space at Dauphin Telecom


In order to allow professional customers of Dauphin Telecom to save time and have an even more personalized service, the institution inaugurated yesterday in Marigot its brand new Pro space, the only one in this area in Saint-Martin.

The creation of this professional space, which is one of the stages of a three-year plan, will allow the operator to better meet the expectations of professionals and also to promote more easily the various offers made available to them. In addition to the Pro space, Dauphin is making great strides towards very high speed internet with digital access and the implementation of optical fiber in areas such as Anse Marcel, Orient Bay, Orleans district, Terres-Basses , in hotels such as Beach Plaza and Samanna and many other businesses as well as schools, colleges and high schools. In a Caribbean comparison, officials show that the French West Indies are far ahead in very high speed internet. For now, the number of connections that can receive very high speed, more than 30Mbt / s in Saint-Martin is estimated at 4000 of which more than 500 are supplied by optical fiber, this number will increase to more than 1000. here a few months.

We bet that Dauphin Telecom will keep its commitments and will accompany us towards Very High Speed ​​for all._KL

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