Opening of the D-Boat "Aqua Park" in Simpson Bay: the assurance of sharing moments of pure happiness!


Lovers of summer, water and the great outdoors, rejoice: The D-Boat refurbished as an Aquatic Park has taken up its summer quarters in Simpson Bay. The assurance of a fun day with family or friends!

To fully experience the fusion of a friendly atmosphere of nautical activities for all ages on a boat like no other, only one address: the D-Boat (Aqua Park) in Simpson Bay!

The ton of activities will charm all winter sports enthusiasts, young and old alike! The unique activities are designed and built to provide a memorable family experience. 

The main attractions indeed offer the opportunity to share intense moments.

The D-Boat (Aqua Park) is THE ultimate summer destination for a refreshing day!

This season, there will be something for everyone: judge instead! Among the activities offered for the opening in June, namely: trampoline, toboggan, Fat Boy and those for hire: jet ski, snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking,… the “kings” of skiing will be delighted!

In short, all the ingredients are there to spend an invigorating day on board the D-Boat. You can also eat on site in case of "appetite" and also enjoy a "house" cocktail at the bar. 

You will also find a lounge on the upper deck to relax in the sun. And evenings to come… with the possibility of privatizing the Dboat.

On the practical side, a free shuttle is available to the general public and runs every ½ hour, leaving from “Candy Shop Simpson Bay Bridge”, Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 18 pm. No more time to waste, all aboard the D-Boat in Simpson Bay for an extraordinary day with the “final bouquet”, an unforgettable sunset. Not to be missed !_AF

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