Operation "Everything but a bag": the students of the Mont des Accords college showed their imagination


Last week, the students of Collège du Mont des Accords were invited to use something other than their usual rucksack to carry their school things… and the students were not lacking in imagination.

Initiated by the Council of College Life (CVC), this punchy action entitled “Everything, except a bag! greatly motivated the school's students. The CVC of the college is made up of teachers, supervisors and above all about fifty students. All the actions proposed by the Council of College Life are driven by young people on themes relating to education, living together and the environment. At an age when absenteeism is more frequent, on the order of 20%, middle school students from sixth to third year who participate in an action such as “Everything but a bag! » make fun of this observation. Many of them therefore showed up at their college last Wednesday without their usual schoolbag. Showing their creativity, they transported their lessons in a suitcase, a fan, a cardboard box, a laundry basket, a mop bucket or even a cooler. All customized by them. The teachers also played the game of the alternative bag. Very active since the beginning of the academic year, the CVC has already led many initiatives such as the production of a short film on biodiversity, the green day, the sale of cakes, a day where young students dressed with the clothes of the profession of their choice, and ideas continue to flow within the Council. _Vx 

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