Operation zero tolerance on two-wheelers: seven scooters confiscated by the police


Several motorcyclists and scooter riders were subjected to a traffic check in Cole Bay carried out by police on Sunday, October 24. Seven scooters were confiscated for various offenses.

Dutch police reiterate their warning to motorcyclists and scooter drivers regarding the confiscation of motorcycles and scooters that do not meet the technical requirements set out in the Sint Maarten Road Traffic Ordinance, or do not have the required documents.

Motorcycles or scooters confiscated by the police must be recovered with up-to-date papers within the time limit set by law or bikers will be sanctioned in consultation with the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The checks stem from the Justice Department's zero tolerance policy for reckless motorcycle and scooter riders. 

It should be noted that the police will carry out more checks on the bikes because more and more cyclists are observed on the road not respecting or not obeying the highway code and exhibiting a behavior that annoys motorists and puts the lives of people in danger. Good luck ...


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