DIGITAL / eSports workshops: towards the emergence of skills as well as better prevention of addictions


From March 26 to May 7, a new educational system was set up by the Mont des Accords college and ANIS (Digital Association and Social Innovation) Saint-Martin for students in a 3rd grade class.

The eSport project at the college consisted of the implementation of competitive video game workshops with a more educational construction in order to make it a lever for raising awareness about screens, playing time, lifestyle, social networks , diversity, as well as rapprochement with parents.

These weekly workshops lasting 1h30 each week are led to reach the greatest number of students and offer time to raise awareness of the world of video games (History, technological development, video game ecosystem, orientation and professions, supervision of practice) to evolve towards building a team of amateur players.

The first feedback shows real potential and very varied fields of application: responding to diversity issues, helping to strengthen 21st century skills, developing physical, cognitive and social skills, improving the school climate, producing educational tools. support for pedagogy (Mathematics, SVT, French, History, etc.), act on school perseverance.

This experimental approach also questioned possible links with other disciplinary areas and in particular educational avenues concerning the 4 axes of the Educational Pathways (Health, Culture, Citizenship, and Orientation).

“We can remember that this project has received great enthusiasm from students, teachers and management staff. The first noticeable effects are an improvement in student/student and student/teacher ratios as well as an improvement in students' academic perseverance,” underlines Jerry Desbonnes, project manager at ANAIS Saint-Martin.


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