New reform of the Bac: Blocking yesterday morning in front of the Cité Scolaire by the exhausted high school students


Like many high schools in France, students from 1st Robert Weinum high school also displayed their dissatisfaction yesterday morning on the new Bac reform wanted by the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. Several of them blocked access to the establishment.

Among the many messages relayed on social networks, a parent of a student did not hesitate to join the youth movement: “  They must soon take the first continuous assessment tests for the baccalaureate of the new reform for which they consider that they have not been well prepared: lack of teaching hours due to lack of replacement teachers, contested working and examination conditions, points on which pupils and parents' associations have been alerting for more than 2 years now, without being heard ”.

Among the students' demands, one could read on their placards: "Angry high school students, we also have E3C rights = defeat!" " or even "We are not ready for E3C" et “No to E3C, we want a real BAC! ".

• Press release from the Robert Weinum High School Principal:

Following the meeting and the demands of the delegation of students representing the level of 1st grade, he decided that:

1) The E3C test dates are postponed from February 3 to 7, 2020 according to a calendar to be communicated later.

2) During this period, no assessment will be made to allow students to train for more serenity

3) Support will be offered to technological sectors via the CNED or Schoolmove platform during the History-Geography hours at their EDT

4) The largest number of students participate in the open school system for the periods of February 17, 18 and 19 and April 9, 10 and 20, April 21, 22, 2020.

After being received by the school administration, the students finally resumed classes yesterday at 14 p.m. _AF

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