BOATING: A boat docks in Gustavia without authorization, the captain and passengers have been fined


On August 29, the captain of a boat was summoned by the director of the port of Gustavia to leave because he had not been authorized to dock there. Three days earlier, while he was “at anchor along the coast of Saint Lucia, he had made a request to the Territorial Unit of the direction of the sea, to obtain an exemption to be able to navigate in the waters. French and anchor in the waters of Saint-Barthélemy, ”explains the prefecture. But "in the absence of compelling reasons, and in accordance with the prefectural decree in force, the service has given an unfavorable response to this request," she said.

"Despite the communication of this response, the ship presented itself at the port of Gustavia on August 28 at the end of the day, thus deliberately infringing the PA 2020-15", she adds.

The ship has a six-month ban on entry into French waters from Saint-Barth. The four passengers on board including the captain were checked and fined by receipts of 135 € each by the Saint Barthélemy gendarmerie brigade.

As a reminder, passenger and pleasure vessels coming from a territory other than a State of the European Union (excluding Guyana) or from one of the countries deemed to be sanitary safe according to the consolidated ministerial decree of July 10, 2020, are not authorized to stop over or anchor in the territorial waters of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. A request must be made to CROSS and in case of a positive response, passengers must submit negative results of a PCR test.



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