Nautisme / Métimer hoists the sails and sets its course!


Métimer's 2017 General Assembly took place last February with a little delay on the planned schedule.

It was an opportunity for its members to meet and take stock of the association's activities, and to elect the new 2018 board of directors as well as the members of the board.

The association is involved in the reconstruction of water sports in Saint-Martin with its usual contacts (FIN, COM, State) and will continue its usual actions like the Fête de la Mer and the Sea Discovery Day in May 2018.

Several new projects are in the ranks such as the creation of a Nautical Club for the training of young people in nautical activities open also to adults.

The year 2018 will be devoted to actions for the reconstruction of the nautical sector but also for the deconstruction of the wrecks that pollute the lagoon.


Election of new members of the Board:

The new members of the board of directors were unanimously elected for the year 2018:

- Laurence Valette

- Emmanuel Demanez

- Brigitte Delaître

- Nicolas Maslach

- Boris Avrillon

- Florence Jouvin

- Pierre Altier

- Bulent Gulay

- Erwan Le Normand


Election of officers:

Were unanimously elected as members of the bureau for the year 2018:

- Treasurer: Emmanuel Demanez

- Secretary: Brigitte Delaître

- Vice-president: Erwan Le Normand

- Vice-president: Pierre Altier

- Chairman: Bülent Gülay

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