NARCOTRAFIC: 320 kg of cannabis seized in the Caribbean Sea!


The "Ventose" surveillance frigate of the Armed Forces in the Antilles (FAA) intercepted a fishing vessel on the high seas west of the Grenadines on Monday, January 23, 2023 in the morning. The French sailors recovered 12 bales or 320 kg of cannabis.

Earlier this week, the French Navy's "Ventôse" surveillance frigate, on a maritime surveillance patrol in the Caribbean Sea, intervened on a fishing vessel on the high seas west of the Grenadines. The suspect vessel, with no visible mark of nationality, did not respond to radio interrogations. As the frigate approached, the crew of the fishing vessel threw around twenty bundles into the sea.

12 bales, or 320 kg, tested positive for cannabis, were recovered by French sailors.

The vessel's identification documents made it possible to determine its origin and its involvement in a cross-border illicit trafficking network.

In accordance with international regulations on the fight against drug trafficking, the bales of cannabis seized will be destroyed, in the presence of a representative of the French authorities, and the crew members taken into account by the courts of the country of origin. .

This first seizure of the year 2023 marks the determination of the Armed Forces in the West Indies to tirelessly pursue the fight against drug trafficking in the Caribbean.

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