MOBILITY: Towards a better organization of bus lines


Arnel Daniel, Chairman of the Transport Commission accompanied by the team from the Regulations and Transport Department of the Collectivity and its director Marie-Line Hugues-Richards, invited the press this Thursday, July 13 in the meeting room of the Local Mission in order to to present the new system concerning the pricing and organization of urban transport.

At the center of the presentation, the new tariffs for urban transport in Saint-Martin: "the tariffs approved by the Collectivity in June 2009 had to be reviewed in order to improve the system of serving the districts by public transport" declared Arnel Daniel.

After a reflection driven by the territorial travel plan with the Living Environment delegation, the first phase is now launched. Two main lines are emerging with line 1 (around thirty drivers) going north from the Marigot bus station to Quartier d'Orléans and line 2 (around ten drivers) starting from the Marigot bus station to at Terres Basses. This line 2 will also make three circuits from 5:30 am in the Concordia sector and the buses will be equipped with a blue identification sticker. The Marigot bus station, which displays the new pricing, therefore becomes the focal point for carriers with continuous rotation and this desire to reduce traffic jams and the illegal activity of unlisted bus drivers.

With a common trunk from the bus station to the hospital, Concordia's interior lines, at a single price of €1 (€0,50 for students), offer three circuits covering the entire district with 27 points stop whose signage is in progress. No queuing from the bus station, users will be able to access a bus bearing the blue sticker and are invited to go to one of the Concordia stops to get on the line. A route from the Marigot bus station to Fort Louis is available on request. Schedules will soon be established as part of a feedback study from carriers. Thirteen controllers will be assigned to the customer care areas. _VX

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