Amphibious and hydrographic reconnaissance mission to neighboring islands


Recently, the light transport vessel (BATRAL) Dumont d'Urville set sail at Fort-de-France to conduct, for two weeks, an amphibious and hydrographic reconnaissance mission on the islands of Aruba and Barbados.

A detachment of the 33rd Marine Infantry Regiment (RIMa) and the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOM) also participated in this mission, alongside the sailors from Dumont d'Urville. Armed forces operations in the Antilles are most often carried out in cooperation with other armed forces in the region. Pursuing the development of maritime exchanges with the nations working in the Caribbean zone and developing interoperability in the field of rescue to populations in the event of natural disaster are at the heart of the concerns of the FAA. The armed forces in the Antilles guarantee the protection of the national territory and animate regional cooperation from the departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe. They constitute a joint joint arrangement, predominantly aeromaritime, in the Antilles-Guyane theater, in coordination with the armed forces in Guyana. The FAA carry out two main missions in the area: combating drug trafficking on the high seas and assisting and rescuing the population during natural disasters. _AF

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