Misié Sadik with the students of Mont des Accords against dropping out of school


As part of the School Perseverance Week, the Mont des Accords college received this Thursday March 30, 2017 the Guadeloupean author-composer-performer "Misié Sadik". During a plenary session he exchanged for two hours with pupils in difficulty. "I knew his songs and many of his lyrics talk about the importance of school, in particular the song Pa Lagé which presents family situations that can be causes of dropping out of school" explains Inès Noreskal, MLDS referent (Mission de Lutte contre the School Dropout) within Mont des Accords, at the origin of this invitation. This meeting continued with the hanging of balloons containing messages written by these students on the theme of the week in order to "make the tree of school perseverance bloom", Inès Noreskal said. Finally this morning ended with a release of balloons which, according to the MLDS referent, had the symbolic objective "of seeing these dropout students take off on their own and become autonomous". More details on www.soualigapost.com

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