Establishment of a support network for victims of violence


The various local actors concerned are trying to set up a network to help victims in order to coordinate their actions. Since December, Hélène Bordas, the lawyer of the association Trait d'Union, has been on call every Monday afternoon at the PASS (Permanence Aux Soins de Santé), in support of the doctor Pascale Famy and the social worker. Its role is to assist the victims in their proceedings by encouraging them in particular to file a complaint with the gendarmerie. The CHRS Le Manteau is also an important link in this network in creation. Hélène Bordas has been on call there every Wednesday morning between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. since October. Legal aid for victims of violence should soon be created within the gendarmerie. The victim assistance office will be located in the new detached room of the court. Until then, victims can make an appointment by phone, or go to the headquarters of the Trait d'Union association in Grand-Case.

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