Migrants: prison closed for the four smugglers arrested Sunday in Galisbay


The four smugglers involved in the trafficking of illegal people, arrested on Sunday and placed under a warrant of committal on Tuesday, were presented on Wednesday morning before the local court of Saint-Martin in immediate appearance.

They were prosecuted for aiding the illegal entry, movement or stay of a foreigner in France. Two are from Dominica, one from Saint-Martin and one from Guyana. They are aged 30, 60, 52 and 37 years old.

After deliberation, the court handed down two sentences of two years in prison and two sentences of one year in prison. A warrant of committal was ordered, they were all four transferred to prison in Guadeloupe in the hours following their trial. The court also issued a ban on staying in France for five years against one of them.

The boat on board which they were arrested, had attracted the attention of customs officers who had checked it off La Désirade in Guadeloupe on September 20 and reported to the border police. In the direction of Saint-Martin with the four individuals and illegal immigrants on board, it had continued to be monitored by the PAF in order to be able to be intercepted in Saint-Martin. “This is a terrible business of exploiting human misery. It is indeed an organization, it is not chance that brought them on this boat, ”commented the prosecutor. (More details on www.soualigapost.com)

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