MICRO-SIDEWALK: “Following the blockages that occurred on Monday and Tuesday between Hope Estate and Orient Bay, how do you feel? »


" I am beside myself. Literally beyond me. I live in Grand-Case and I work in Orient Bay. I got stuck for 40 minutes not knowing what was going on. It was a nameless mess with all the cars stuck, no way to turn around, no one knew what was going on, no one understood either since they were careful not to warn anyone, we would have arranged otherwise since anyway on this island, it has become common to take the population hostage to claim something. I am green with rage! » Maryline



"I think like almost everyone, I'm very, very pissed off, I have no idea how I'm going to get my son back from school in Quartier d'Orléans and those blocking the road don't care. to do, they have no empathy for others, it is their personal interest that counts and only that. It's incredible. I'm really trying to take a step back from things since it's not the first or the last time that this kind of practice happens but damn it, if this island has the propensity to recover from any adversity , part of its population has a knack for shooting itself in the foot! » Kendra



“I haven't quite understood the how and why yet to be honest with you. I heard it was for a land claim story but why block the only road on the island in the middle of tourist season? I've never seen that anywhere else. It's radical as a method and the police do not intervene, it's really strange for tourists and foreigners. What's even more confusing is that I've talked to several people who live here who don't seem to understand much more than I do! It's still crazy when last weekend had really given the impression that the tourist season was well and truly installed and in full swing, it comes to put everything in danger, it's ridiculous and so sad. » Sven


“It saddens me more than anything else that some Saint-Martin residents think that their last resort to be heard and listened to is to take other residents and tourists hostage. I feel sorry for my island. Especially since here, there is no question of claims concerning the health pass, vaccination or even the PPRN, we are talking about belonging to land, family stories, it's private, it has nothing to do in the public square. It is once again some who pay for the lack of consideration of others. It's sad and annoying. I got stuck like all the other motorists, surprised and frustrated to see the blockages repeat themselves freely. I left my car and continued on foot, I didn't even think I could pass, to tell the truth. It remains to be seen whether I will succeed in returning to the other side after work. » Andre

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