MICRO-SIDEWALK (SPECIAL EURO 2024): The European Nations Championship starts today, who are your favorite teams?


Serge “I am wholeheartedly behind the French team! I hope that coach Didier Deschamps will win the only title he is missing at the head of the Blues. Now other teams can go very far in the competition. I'm thinking of England or even Germany, the host country. Attention  also in the Netherlands, our neighbor who is in the process of getting back on track since the arrival of the new coach, Ronald Koeman. The France – Netherlands clash during the group stages promises a great match. Obviously, I will support the Blues with a special regard for our Dutch neighbors and friends.”





  Ruben “Of course, I am above all a supporter of the French team, the country where I was born. I hope that Mbappé, Griezmann, Giroud, Dembélé and others will achieve a great Euro 2024 in Germany. All these players have great qualities to take the Blues to victory! Afterwards, I will support the Hollande team. It’s also our family at heart. Otherwise, Italy has a good squad to play spoilsport in the competition like other teams like Spain or even England.”





  Fabienne “We live on an island divided into two nations, France and Holland. So I'm going to support the French team and the Dutch team. During the long-awaited match between France and Holland, my heart will still swing for the Blues. I hope that at the end of the match, both teams will be able to qualify for the rest of the competition. Regarding the other favorite teams in the tournament, I think we have to be wary of England who have excellent players in their ranks.”






  Ladislas “I am for France and after Italy. I don't forget my roots. I was born in Rome and grew up in this wonderful city until I was 20 years old. Hence a particular affection for the Squadra Azzurra. Now, we must recognize that the France team has one of the most beautiful generations in its history, with world-class players. This is why the Blues will go very far in the competition, until the final victory. However, be careful with England who risk surprising more than one team! A little nod also to the Dutch team to whom I wish a great journey. We are on Friendly Island. We owe it to ourselves to have sympathy for our Dutch neighbors.” Interview by AF


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