MICRO-TROTTOIR “What are your resolutions for 2021?


"I do them every year and I never keep them, so this year, I'm going to take a friend's advice: one resolution per month, so there is less pressure and it is done slowly, especially when 'after 2020, we need it soft. My first resolution for the month of January is not to fall behind in my administrative papers, invoices, etc. a logistical resolution which makes my wife happy! In February, less screens and more books. In March, we'll see! " Anna



“It's simple, I do the same every January XNUMXst: eat less, exercise more, go out less but devote more time to friends and family. The coronavirus will have helped me to achieve several this year, I don't recognize myself anymore, I became a sports addict at home by taking online classes, I can't remember the last time I went to nightclub… it's going to be weird to go back to a bar with music, we can do that here, eh yes? " Audrey



  “2020 was really a shock year for me with the pandemic and the confinements, it made me realize how important the social link is. With my family, we didn't really talk to each other outside of family meals (we are 6 children), and there we met every week in videoconference, and we did it more often thereafter, we met. rediscovered. I will be careful to keep this precious link in the future. And take care of yourself to take care of others. "Vince


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