MICRO-TROTTOIR: What is your reaction to the soaring prices of plane tickets?



  “It is clear that prices are exploding! Not all Saint-Martin residents have the means to book one, or even several tickets to travel as a family. The prices charged by the airlines serving the destination Saint-Martin – Paris (round trip) are exorbitant! Friends who have just arrived this week on the island have each paid 1500 euros for their plane ticket (round trip) via Amsterdam, instead of 2000 euros if they had taken a direct flight from Paris – SXM » .






“It will soon become a luxury to go to Metropolitan France from Saint-Martin. The price of the plane ticket still continues  and still breaking records! For how much longer? The absence of low-cost airlines in Saint-Martin does not allow for lower competition. It's really unfortunate. This price growth disproportionately penalizes the population of Saint-Martin”.




“What about the increase in the price of plane tickets except that it is unheard of! Whatever the date of reservation of your plane ticket, during or outside the school holiday period, the prices are constantly increasing! In particular direct flights from Juliana to Paris. I have noticed that the airlines display numerous promotions for Guadeloupe and Martinique but never or almost never for the Saint-Martin destination”. _AF

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