MICRO-SIDEWALK: "Which costume did you choose for Halloween?" " 


“This year, I chose to dress up as Harley Quinn, the Suicide Squad character played by Margot Robbie… but the West Indian version! I had already been seduced by the complex aspects of this woman when I discovered her in the comics. I found a typical Harlequin costume in the United States and the wig to go with it. The hardest part will be to succeed in makeup. In addition, I want to study to become a psychiatrist so I might as well rub myself directly with the darker side of the profession! "   Laura



"Easy, it will be the outfit of the soldiers in red suits from Squid Game!" I absolutely loved this series, like many I think. So it was an opportunity to wink at him eye ... even if I will be hidden behind the revisited fencing mask. I don't think I will be the only one disguised like this but if I meet others, we will mount a small army together, but it will be completely harmless on the other hand, that is promised! "   Jimmy



“I'm going to be sorely lacking in originality but it will be Michael Jackson in the“ Thriller ”music video. Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by this video which was quite revolutionary for the time, it is a film in its own right! Then this red leather jacket, it marked a whole generation, and since I found a replica identical to the original, I systematically dress up like him for Halloween. My friends are fed up with it, but I am still doing something bad in the streets! "   Jason




“Each year, we take turns choosing the theme with my husband and this time, he was the one who decided. I really wanted to dress up as James Bond, and not just because it's simple and you just need to put on a chic costume, but to pay tribute to the last opus with Daniel Craig, but I'm going to have to put off a year! The theme of Halloween for 2021 will be… the evil twins of “The Shining”! Another Atmosphere! "   Keith    _VX


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