MICRO-SIDEWALK; "What do you think of the blockages? "


“I live in Quartier d'Orléans, I am at the heart of the blockages. I am from Saint-Martin. I understand the fed up, the impression of being forgotten, we are not taken into account, it's the truth. But I do not agree with the methods, with the proportions that it takes and the violence that is mounting. I'm angry too, but if no one is listening to me, what do I do with that anger? Am I breaking stuff? The people here have accumulated so much frustration that we no longer even know what they are asking for. But what is certain is that we are taken hostage in our own neighborhood. "   Eugene



" I do not understand. It is unacceptable that the authorities do not intervene directly on the ground, and not only in Bellevue. I have lived on this island for 30 years, I have seen blockages, crisis situations, riots, but there we reach a great level of tension. And dialogue seems impossible between the parties. The tourist season begins and this is the image we give of Saint Martin? I work in the hotel industry and I can tell you that it is difficult to explain to tourists what is going on. Myself I don't know, the claims are so vague and when some people deign to talk about it, it seems insolvent. But we will have to find a solution, and quickly! "   Janice



“This is the first time I've come to Saint Martin. I had been warned that there were problems at the moment but I did not expect that. We wanted to go to the Dutch side last Saturday and just zigzagging through Quartier d'Orléans, it looked like a parallel world. I worked in the special forces and I can tell you that it's a funny feeling to find yourself at a wild roadblock manned by 15 hooded kids who ask you for money to pass otherwise it's a U-turn ... and seeing police cars across the border with officers watching the show without intervening. The situation of this island is complex but its particularity should rather be its strength. "   Thierry 



“I am terribly sad and pissed off by this situation. Sad because some of the claims are fair and need to be heard and studied but people are already convinced that this does not will be useless; annoyed because, once again, everyone is the victim of these blockages, I am a home nurse and I can no longer go to see my patients since I refuse to pay "the right of way". It's crazy that this has been going on for several days and that we are still going to have to go through all this after all that we have been through. This is completely crazy. "   Malia   

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