MICRO-TROTTOIR: Exchanging the Christmas gifts you have received, for or against?


“It's a difficult question, it seems that it's being done more and more but personally, I'm going to say against it. Before going to buy Christmas gifts for my family, I always think about what would really make them happy, or what they would need, during the year I try to trick them to get clues about the gifts they would like, besides my mother guesses every time when I play the detectives of Christmas! And for the gifts I get, I keep them all because it's from someone I love. In fact, I have never received anything that I did not like. »  




“One year, I received a handbag that I already had, same model, same color, I was very annoyed until my daughter told me that I had the possibility of exchanging it. I think that it is only in this context that I could have done it otherwise I always kept or used all the gifts that were offered to me. It's a mark of personal attention, and even if it happened that I didn't like it at the time, I learned to like them. On the other hand, since the episode of the bag, I always tell the people to whom I offer something that they are free to exchange if it does not suit them but so far, I have always hit the bull's eye… well , to my knowledge ! »  




“For, completely for. It's been a habit for a long time in the family. I think I had to exchange my first Christmas present when I was 12 or 13, it was a dress with a cut that I didn't really like. I even went with my aunt who gave it to me and we chose together. I don't always exchange, I've had the chance to receive lots of great gifts but sometimes it doesn't work or I don't see myself using it on a daily basis so I might as well have fun until the end to pay tribute. No one has a problem with that in my family anyway, everyone is relaxed on the issue. If there is an exchange, we always say that it is the fault of one of Santa's elves! »  




“We had this great debate during Christmas Eve this year! And the discussion was heated, there were two radical camps, the one for whom it is unthinkable to exchange a Christmas present and the one of the new generation who has no guilt at the idea of ​​​​doing it. For my part, I was rather against it and finally, by listening to the different arguments, I reviewed my copy a little, but rather in the search for a gift for someone, to take the time to think about what would please and which corresponds to it. I changed a gift once for my wife and it made me all weird, but maybe it was because I was the one who gave it to her! »


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