MICRO-SIDEWALK: How do you judge the state of the road network?


Xavier Chabot (President of the Bip Bip Coyote Antilles-Guyana association)

“The state of the road network is the daily battle of the Bip Bip Coyote association. Degraded roads inevitably lead to slowdowns or dangerous deviations to avoid the numerous holes existing everywhere. We alert all these dangers by marking them with a fluorescent bomb so that the technical services of the Community take over to fill in the potholes and others as quickly as possible! Good work was still done in 2022 in terms of repairing the road network. Now, better monitoring is required in different areas used every day by road users. Many holes are filled in hastily and do not withstand bad weather and the effects of traffic for long. Repeated breakdowns on the drinking water supply network don't help anything. You always have to break and refill. It's a never-ending sequence. We are asked for proper technical inspections except that the state of the roads is not designed to improve the condition of the vehicles. All stakeholders must act collectively for the safety of all. Saving a life is priceless. This is the leitmotif of the Bip Bip Coyote association.”

Eric Hélan (President of the Territorial Cycling Committee of Saint-Martin)

“If I speak as president of the Territorial Cycling Committee of Saint-Martin, I must admit that certain sections of road are dangerous for cycling. The work carried out in different districts of the island for the underground connection of optical fiber often requires filling holes and resurfacing the road. On the other hand, this work is necessary to avoid climatic risks, especially a few days before the start of the cyclone period. Creating cycle paths is not possible due to the lack of space on roads and the financial cost. For the moment, no lasting solution has been found. I hope to be able to discuss it soon with the president of the COM. For now, drivers and cyclists are still forced to share the road. With all the risks that this entails.”

Céline Bodrefeaux (trader)

“I won't beat around the bush, some sections of the road are in a pitiful state. I don't understand why nothing is done in a timely manner for the safety of road users. To top it off, some sections are not lit at night. One thing is certain, you must be extra vigilant at all times to avoid a fall or an accident. For four years, I have been riding a quad. I feel like I'm on a trampoline and not on a road worthy of the name. I constantly have to avoid holes of all kinds which force me to make dangerous deviations. In rainy weather, I don't feel safe at all on certain sections of the road, especially at night! I prefer to put my warnings on to be more visible to motorists. It is high time that the COM services in charge of road repairs act for the safety of everyone! » _AF


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