"Put words on evils"


The association La Couronne - Espace intergénérationnel, which works in particular to maintain social ties, brings together every first Thursday of the month mainly elderly people, but also the youngest, around a thematic workshop. 

Learning to live your age well, discovering therapeutic gardens, learning to use the IT tool, preparing to retire… are so many subjects which mainly aim to find tips for aging better at home while developing intergenerational links.

Beyond the advice they find there, the members of the association have above all the opportunity to break out of isolation by meeting around a convivial moment, and to exchange. They share their feelings on the evolution of the island, the problems of youth and try, together, to find, at their level, solutions to everyday situations of which they are witnesses.

The monthly meeting this September took place last Thursday, the 6th, in a room made available by the COM at the former Evelina Halley school. A particular date that defined the theme of the workshop: "put words on ailments, and colors on pain". Marie-Pierre Bajazet Jacob, naturopath and art therapist, president of the association, invited the participants, including two chosen ones (Sofia Carti and Anette Philips) to verbalize their buried sufferings, on this anniversary of the devastating passage of Irma. Equipped with felt-tip pens and a piece of cardboard, she gradually wrote the words that symbolized everyone's emotions.

"I could not sleep. Since 5:30 am I have been crying all morning. I thought of Irma. To the suffering we are still undergoing ”confides a lady who has just moved into her house since the cyclone. All decide to make a minute of silence to pay tribute to the eleven deceased. "Depressed. It still lasts because I feel the suffering of everyone, ”adds a second lady. " Tired. I admit that since yesterday I am exhausted. I couldn't sleep, ”says another. But also "hope and renewal" offers one of the two men present.

We must now leave the room to another association whose premises were destroyed by Irma. Time is running out and we must hurry so that everyone has time to add color to these pains now transcribed. So, in turn and in haste, we make a small drawing on the cardboard.

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