WEATHER: The Northern Islands placed on yellow vigilance for waves-submersion


An unusual northwest wind sea is combined with the presence of a north-northeast swell with waves of 1m50 to 2 meters and periods of 11 seconds. The concomitance of these two phenomena, rarely observed, generates significant coastal disturbances and should last until Sunday morning.

The north-northeast swell will even increase from Thursday evening and a passage in orange vigilance is therefore envisaged this Thursday morning.

The northwesterly wind is strengthening slightly and the north-northeast swell is growing, becoming very energetic, reaching lows of 3m to 3m50 by Friday morning, with periods of 12 to 14 seconds.

The improvement is expected from Saturday afternoon and especially Sunday with a clear damping of the swell. The northwesterly wind should also weaken from Friday and then move to the northeast between Sunday afternoon and Monday.


Individual behavior measures recommended by the prefecture:


WAVE-SUBMERSION YELLOW VIGILANCE: BE CAREFUL ! Find out about the weather situation and be particularly careful:

– if you have to practice risky sports outdoors,

– if your outdoor activities are located in an exposed area, on land, especially near cliffs, beaches and at sea of ​​course.

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