Sanitary measures: Test on D7 and reinforced instructions for people arriving in Saint-Barth from the Metropolis!


During the last two weeks, most of the few positive cases recorded have been the result of people recently arrived from Metropolitan France or Europe, residents, seasonal workers, friends on vacation on the island ...

Given the rapid development of the epidemic in metropolitan France and in Europe, the Collectivité of Saint-Barthélemy asks all people arriving or returning from these regions:

- to respect a septaine or, in the event of real impossibility, to limit as much as possible during the first week their non-essential social relations and to rigorously apply the barrier gestures in all circumstances, wearing of the mask, distancing, washing of the hands,

- to be systematically tested on D7.

These instructions are obviously also valid for people returning from metropolitan France or Europe following the school holidays of All Saints.

In general, all employers are asked to make it easier for their employees to respect the septaine or, failing that, to organize work in such a way as to minimize contact during the first week, pending the results of the test on D7.

Teleworking should be implemented, when possible, during these first seven days.

Parents who have gone to Metropolitan France or to Europe during school holidays are also asked to keep their children at home for the first week.

At the slightest suggestive symptom, do not wait until the seventh day to get tested.

Finally, it is recalled that the test obligation on D7 remains in force for all tourists and visitors over the age of eleven, whose stay is longer than one week.

Regarding the obligation to present a negative test dated less than 72 hours to be authorized to embark for the French Antilles, random checks of the authenticity of the certificates of negativity are carried out. As a reminder, the offense of forgery and use of forgery is punishable by three years in prison and a fine of 45.000 euros.

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