French Navy: Danish skipper evacuation operation


An evacuation at sea of ​​a Danish skipper was carried out by the Guyanese light patrol vessel (PLG) La Confiance. This is the vessel's first operational mission since it has just been delivered to the French Navy and has not yet been admitted to active service.

On December 3, at 21:33 p.m., the regional operational center for surveillance and rescue (CROSS) Antilles-Guyane is notified by the Joint Rescue coordination Center (JRCC) of Stavanger in Norway of the presence of a patient on board the Norwegian sailboat Njord. The sailboat is located more than 1 nautical miles from the Martinican coast (nearly 300 kilometers). He takes part in the 2 Arc Sailing Race, in the area of ​​responsibility for search and rescue of CROSS Antilles-Guyane. The CROSS then contacted the Guyanese light patrol boat (PLG) La Confiance, then 400 nautical miles from the Njord sailboat, which is currently sailing in the Atlantic Ocean in the direction of the West Indies before reaching its new base port at Cayenne in French Guiana. Arrived in the area, "La Confiance" sends his nurse to the patient. The decision is confirmed to evacuate the patient. The latter is taken care of on board the French patrol vessel. Arrived at the quay on Wednesday December 2016, the patient was taken care of and taken to the CHU of Fort-de-France. _AF

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