Marina Fort-Louis: The SNSM story after the sinking of the Silver Queen


“A few days after having spent a large part of their day last Tuesday on the water for“ Scoobi Too ”, our team members are called shortly after midday, Friday February 10, for“ a sinking boat ”in the Marina Fort Louis .

We are asked for our assistance with our motor pump and divers if possible.

A quarter of an hour later, we are already in the area and one of our team members climbs into a small annex with our motor pump in order to go to the boat immediately to assess the situation and ensure that there is no missing or injured, while we wait for other crew members with the diving equipment before setting off with the Rescue Star.

The staff of Marina Fort Louis and other people from nearby boats are there to lend a hand.

The hydrophilic fire brigade also arrives in the area with their boat and pump; a firefighter is transferred to our Rescue Star to take stock, but we all agree that we cannot pump at the moment.

Our teammate helps the marina staff to remove equipment from the Silver Queen; they put a maximum of them in appendices which go back and forth to try to save what they can.

Bailout companies arrive on the scene with divers and equipment (balloons / straps, tarpaulins, etc.). As they are specialized in this kind of operation, our diver goes back on board and we let the divers take over.

We recover our team member who is on the SILVER QUEEN; it is almost entirely underwater and unfortunately we can not do anything for it….

The SNSM station in Saint-Martin has limited resources; our Rescue Star semi-rigid is very good for “quick” interventions (to help people in immediate danger), but for big interventions like this week (Scoobi Too and Silver Queen) we can't do much, Unfortunately. So we need you, donor readers, to help us get a real more powerful star again.

Support us with your donations to the order of the SNSM Station of Saint-Martin (18, Bd du Dr. Hubert Petit, Front de mer de Marigot, 97150 SAINT-MARTIN). Thank you in advance !

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