Marc Chanté, new boss of the Sarafina's bakery


Local commerce. He wanted to be a baker since he was 16. Meeting with Marc Chanté, a passionate and enterprising craftsman. He has just taken over the Sarafina's Bakery, located at Marina Port-la-Royale, for a week.

Marc Chanté has practiced his profession with passion for more than forty years. Apprenticed in the Paris region, he passed his CAP as a baker and then his Brevet de Maîtrise Pâtissier before starting in the profession. With solid experience, he set up on his own in the 90s, still in the Paris region. This first business, which he will lead for three years, will prosper throughout this period. At the same time, he follows numerous training courses in order to master the catering business and also pastry. He is constantly expanding his skills to diversify products and offers to his customers. "For me, a baker-pastry chef who is not passionate will not last," emphasizes Marc Chanté. "It's a difficult job, you don't count your hours, you work on public holidays, during  celebrations. All the moments of relaxation for normal people are moments of intense work for us. And it's the passion that allows you to hold on, that fuels this profession”.

In 2015, Marc Chanté wants to take on a new challenge: to continue his job as a baker, not in the gloom of Paris but under the sun of the West Indies. He put down his suitcases in Saint-Martin and soon found a job as a baker-pastry chef-caterer at Sarafina's. “After seven years as an employee, my boss asked me if I was interested in taking over his business. It's a mark of confidence on his part and I've agreed to take up this new challenge thanks to the support of Initiative Saint Martin Active”, he explains.

At 57, Marc Chanté returns to the fundamentals of his profession, by opening a real traditional bakery (bread and pastries). He exercises his art with talent to the delight of his clients and their taste buds.

Sarafina's Bakery

14 President Kennedy Street (Marina Port-la-Royale)

Tel: 06 90 14 55 12

Open from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 7 days a week

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