Fight against crime: "The means will be reinforced in 2023"


As announced in our edition of Wednesday January 25, the figures related to delinquency for the year 2022 were communicated during a press conference by Vincent Berton, Delegate Prefect of the Northern Islands. The latter wishes to strengthen the means deployed on the territory in terms of security.

After describing the year 2022 as a mixed year, the Prefect, accompanied by the Public Prosecutor of Basse-Terre as well as representatives of the gendarmerie, the territorial police and customs, returned to the measures put in place last year to fight against crime by also unveiling the new means deployed in 2023. The reinforcement of the means of the security services concerns first of all the customs officers: three additional agents will make it possible to increase the number of checks at the port and at the airport. If the work in the field of the forces of order was more concentrated in 2022, Vincent Berton wants to develop it further with detachments on foot in less predictable time slots in order to break the routine. The presence of a gendarmerie brigade in Quartier d'Orléans remains a priority for the politician: "it follows a model of life, a gendarmerie brigade must be in the heart of the district for more efficiency". The creation of a territorial brigade, which is certainly not yet acquired, is also part of the 2023 program. Vincent Berton wanted to salute the work of the police whose joint patrols have shown convincing results. The in-depth collaboration between the gendarmerie and the police on the Dutch side (KPSM) has enabled better management of the forces of order. Vincent Berton intends to intensify this partnership between the two parts of the island with the creation of a security cooperation in 2023. The involvement of administrative services in controls was addressed during the orientations for this new year, such as the territorial anti-fraud operational committee (COTAF). Another measure recently reactivated and welcomed by the Prefect, the Local Committee for Security and Crime Prevention (CLSPD), whose work in the field is essential thanks to the approach of the Collectivity. Prevention remains, for officials, a major solution to the problem of delinquency and insecurity. In order to counter the factor of idleness among young people, a desperate feeling that pushes them to commit misdeeds, preventive actions will be organized within schools in partnership with national education to make young people aware of the seriousness of delinquency and on road safety issues. The file of the delivery of effective outdoor lighting and video protection on the public highway remains at the top of the pile of the prefect's concerns.

In conclusion, Vincent Berton praised the commitment of the police forces of Saint-Martin, their selflessness, their remarkable courage in a complex criminogenic context. In 2022, 27 officers were injured in the line of duty. Security has a human cost that should not be forgotten. _Vx

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