The University of Colorado still predicts a more active hurricane season than normal


Earlier this week, the University of Colorado updated and confirmed its forecast for the 2022 hurricane season, which promises to be more active than normal. 

We therefore expect 18 tropical storms against 14 normally; eight hurricanes while the normal is 7; and four intense hurricanes for three normally. 

“We are just entering the peak season for hurricane development, August through October, and expect more storms,” said Rick Spinard, member of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

So far, three storms have been named but no cyclones. The month of July was rather dry with sand mists, which does not favor the formation of phenomena. But tropical waves coming from Africa will modify the meteorological conditions. Cyclonic activity could therefore gradually increase by the end of the month. For the time being, the forecasts do not announce any phenomenon to watch. _pc

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