LEISURE: The Kangoo Jump arrives in Saint-Martin


A dozen sports enthusiasts gathered on the Grand-Case basketball court to follow a session of Kangoo Jump, the new sporting activity that will quickly become fashionable.

It is thanks to Lynn who developed the activity in Guadeloupe after having followed a training in Lyon that the Kangoo Jump now arrives on our territory. Kangoo Jump is a sport discipline derived from a Canadian invention widely used in Switzerland allowing better recovery with athletes but also in rehabilitation to treat patients with knee problems or who have undergone surgery or injury. Patented by the Swiss entrepreneur Denis Naville, the first model of "KJ-1" rebound shoes was presented at the Foire Sportive SISEL in Paris in 1994. Strongly resembling ski boots for a weight of two kilos each, the boots Kangoo Jump are equipped with a spring as a sole. This elastic arch thus reduces the impact on the muscles and joints by 80%, the whole body works but without feeling the repercussions. The benefits of this practice guided by the prettiest rebounds of Lynn are multiple: improvement of body posture, strength of the spine, and of the cardiovascular system, acceleration of peripheral circulation and lymphatic drainage, increase in bone density. and muscle mass, promoting weight loss and above all, it has a natural antidepressant effect that the 11 participants felt at the end of the session.

The exercise is original, physical and terribly fun. Lynn's good humor and energy are contagious. During the first initiation session on the Grand-Case basketball court this Wednesday evening, Lynn started with a warm-up, testing everyone's balance and rebound.

The session is then mounted in physical effort with catchy music in the background. In the second part, the athletes worked on the ground, using the weight of each shoe as a dumbbell. And finally, relax. You don't have to be an avid athlete to practice Kangoo Jump, Lynn adapts the movements and choreographies according to her audience, while providing the rebounding shoes. To progress in the effort and sculpt a dream body with a smile, it is recommended to follow two sessions per week. The first edition of Kangoo Jump by Lynn was a great success and great fun for sportswomen and spectators alike. If another discovery session took place this Thursday, January 5, others will follow, twice a week. Registrations are done in advance, to ensure equipment is available for everyone. A medical certificate giving the green light for sports practice is required, as well as a sports outfit and a large bottle of water to rehydrate after exercise. _Vx

Info: 06 90 16 78 56 - gwadajumps@hotmail.com

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