The Tourist Office draws up its 2022 report


Custom dictates that official vows are held until January 31. Valérie Damaseau, president of the Saint-Martin Tourist Office, organized hers this Monday, January 30 at the Loterie Farm. The opportunity to look back on the year 2022 and develop actions for 2023.

The assembly was made up of the press, elected officials from Saint-Martin, representatives of Sint Maarten and certain neighboring islands such as Saba and Anguilla, as well as professionals from the tourism sector. In addition to the opportunity for stakeholders to meet and discuss issues related to tourism in the magnificent setting of the Loterie Farm, the Tourist Office team wanted to present its wishes for the new year and return to the actions carried out in 2022. During her speech, Valérie Damaseau invites all players in the tourism sector to come to the Tourist Office: "Among all our actions, these are our actions of proximity and partnership with you, the tourism stakeholders, which remain essential. Having you referenced in our tourist information system is essential in order to highlight our riches, our offers and the quality of our products. Following the means deployed at the Tourist Office, we are able to measure our return on investment, we can better target our customers, by action and by market. However, we need you. The Tourist Office remains at your disposal and by your side”. Aïda Weinum, director of the OT, was responsible for detailing the results of 2022. The resumption of tourism in Saint-Martin will have marked last year, being the only island continuously accessible during the health crisis. 409.416 passengers were counted at Juliana airport (compared to 363.952 in 2019) including 53% from the United States, 47% from France, 6,92% from the Netherlands, 6,43% from Canada and 4 % of the rest of the European Union. As for Grand-Case airport, 206.737 tourists were registered there with a peak in attendance in August 2022 for 24.766 passengers. Cruises are not to be outdone with 665.267 visitors between January and November in 2022. The actions of the Tourist Office have not been lacking, between promotional campaigns with various international, European and regional media. Having strengthened their presence in Martinique and Guadeloupe in 2022, increased the number of stays in hotels on the French side (40% compared to 21% in 2021), prospected the high-potential market of Trinidad and Guyana and developed partnerships with airlines, the Tourist Office also reached the general public. The concrete actions were detailed during the presentation, recalling the existence of the new site of the Tourist Office which recorded 419.744 visits in 2022. Details on the 2023 orientations of the OT in our next edition. _Vx


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