LITERATURE: Milouse Grandin winner of the Robert Romney literary prize! 


The Robert Romney literary prize was awarded last Thursday at the LEGT Robert Weinum in the presence of the vice-rector, Michel Sanz, the principal, Olivier Saunier and his deputy, members of the jury chaired by Miranda Arnell, the 22 students who took part in the competition accompanied by their parents and their teacher Charlésia Baray, other teachers and members of the school community and last but not least the author of the novel "Big Rock". 

Jeanéliya Fertil Lake, the winner of the 1st edition, brilliantly retraced Robert Romney's career, giving way to the discovery of a short film featuring the idyll of the two main protagonists of the work previously studied and produced by the students themselves. 

The already palpable emotion reached its climax during the reading of the written production of the winner Milouse Grandin. The winner knew how to respect an instruction where it was necessary to combine two types of text, the story and the epistolary, while sublimating the language of William Shakespeare. Born in Saint-Martin to Creole-speaking parents, Milouse did not fail to thank all her middle and high school English teachers while giving a nod to her Émile Choisy school. 

The level reached by high school students in the English language has, one more year, nourished attentive ears, making the pride of a school in the French Republic where linguistic and cultural diversity stamp a unique territory of its kind, Saint-Martin.

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