The island will soon be equipped with a weather radar


In partnership with the government of Sint Maarten, the Community will install a weather radar on the island. Doppler type, it will detect and track the rains of dangerous weather phenomena, hurricanes. He will have to detect them  within a maximum radius of 300 km and process radial wind speeds between -48 and +48 m / s, unambiguously, up to a range of 120 km.

The data collected will also be used to produce weather forecasts for the general public, forecasts and alerts for aviation and maritime navigation, flood alerts and forecasts for activities sensitive to climatic conditions.

The system will operate continuously under the control of a computer.

The cost of manufacturing, installing, training in the use and maintenance of the radar for two years is estimated at 3 million euros. The COM will seek Interreg Caribbean funds, the government of Sint Maarten will also participate in the funding. (

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