Armed robbery does not go unpunished


As indicated in our edition of this Thursday, September 22, the Public Prosecutor of Basse-Terre and the commander of the gendarmerie invited the press to the barracks of Savane this Tuesday, September 20 to make a point of news on a subject which worries the entire Saint-Martin population, namely armed robbery (VAMA). Here is the second part which traces the rest of this interview.

KPSM & Gendarmerie 

The subject of cooperation between the Dutch side (KPSM) and the French side of the island (gendarmerie) was also discussed and relations between the two services are satisfactory. Lieutenant-Colonel Maxime Wintzer-Wehekind is also meeting his Dutch counterparts this Friday to discuss their common issues, including BAMA (armed robbery). For the judicial aspect, Christelle Bellet, deputy prosecutor, specifies that the Saint-Martin public prosecutor's office has intensified monthly exchanges with the Sint Maarten public prosecutor's office precisely to anticipate communications and facilitate them.

Video-protection on the territory

During the local security and crime prevention council which was also held this Tuesday, September 20 in the morning at the Hôtel de la Collectivité with Louis Mussington, president of the COM, Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, Thierry Verres, head of the Territorial Police, the head of mission Evelyne Fleming and the actors present during the press point described here, the subject of the absence of video surveillance on the island was put on the table, a real brake on the actions of the gendarmerie which is deprived of the 160 cameras formerly active on the territory. CCTV is an effective prevention and detection tool for investigators. 

Even if the traders are invited to install their own video-protection system, being accompanied by the security referent of the gendarmerie and the CCISM in the process, the services of the Collectivity are working on the re-commissioning of a video mesh - Sufficient protection to assist investigators. The case is therefore initiated.

Zero tolerance for possession of firearms

To conclude the press point, the Public Prosecutor and the gendarmerie commander called on the population to be attentive to the circulation of firearms, weapons which are necessarily seen by the entourage of potential perpetrators of serious acts who live under their roof. It happens that people come across these weapons, which can result in a tragedy like last year when a young girl committed suicide with a firearm found in her home.

It is the responsibility of the family members to contact the gendarmerie forces to declare the discovery of a weapon. It is better to prevent than to do nothing and suffer the incarceration of your child or a loved one because the latter will have shot someone during a robbery that went wrong, according to the commander of the gendarmerie. An awareness campaign on the possession of weapons will soon be implemented. In terms of figures concerning VAMAs, Lieutenant-Colonel Maxime Wintzer-Wehekind is clear: in Saint-Martin, the number of robberies is ten times higher than the national average and in 95% of cases, they are committed with a weapon. on fire, unlike the metropolis. For the prosecutor, there is no justification for a person to have a weapon of category A or B in the street. “It's not the society we live in and it's not the society we want to have. concludes Xavier Sicot. _Vx

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