The sectors where Team Gibbs mobilized the most


Team Gibbs came second after the first round with 1% of the votes cast or 24,7 votes. She collected more than 2 votes in 074 out of 100 offices.

She achieved her best scores in terms of votes in office 8 of the school complex (office where there are the most voters), she collected 184 votes, or 26,7% of the votes cast in this office. It was in offices 10 and 17 covering Anse Marcel, Cul de Sac and Mont Vernon that the Team mobilized the most voters (46,8% and 45% of the votes cast).

In office 1 in downtown Marigot, she won the most votes (114 and 41% of the votes cast). In these four offices, Team Gibbs won 31,8% of its votes, or 660 votes, of which almost half in offices 10 and 17.

Conversely, it was in offices 13 and 19 covering part of Quartier d'Orléans and Oyster Pond that the Team mobilized the least (13,7% of the votes cast - 126 votes).

Compared to 2017, Team Gibbs is behind by some 2 votes on its first-round result. It is in offices 000 (Sandy Ground-Baie Nettlé-Terres Basses) and 6 (Grand Case) that she recorded the biggest delays (-11 and – 190 votes).

In no polling station did the list record a better result than five years ago. (

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