Overseas have largely voted for Emmanuel Macron


During the second round of the presidential election, the candidate for En Marche conquered the overseas electorate. President-elect Emmanuel Macron collected 64,4% of all Overseas, against 35,6% for Marine Le Pen. In detail, in Saint-Martin, Emmanuel Macron leads with 67,87% against 32,13% for Marine Le Pen.

In Saint-Barthélemy, he collected 58,43% of the vote against 41,57% for the candidate of the National Front. In Guadeloupe, a big victory for Mr. Macron with 75,13%, against 24,87% for Marine Le Pen. Martinique also voted mainly for the candidate of En Marche with 77,55%, against 22,45% for the candidate of the National Front. Finally in Guyana, the president-elect harvested 64,89% against 35,11% for Marine Le Pen.

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