The Northern Islands always on yellow alert for dangerous sea!


The sea has always been dangerous on the coast since the day before yesterday, following the arrival of a fairly energetic north-northeast swell, combining with the sea formed by the strong east-northeast wind.

Yesterday, the sea was still strong to very heavy due to the swell from north-northeast, with average troughs of about 4m.

This swell comes across a sea already well formed by the east-northeast wind. It begins to pay off in the evening and in the night from Thursday to Friday at around 3m.

Consequently, caution is advised on exposed coasts, mainly to the north and east, due to the rollers and strong surges. The moorings of boats can be requested. A certain agitation will also appear in the port of Gustavia, and to a lesser extent on the side of Marigot. Conditions are expected to improve on Saturday morning.

The east-northeast wind blows steadily over the period, with gusts often reaching 60 to 70 km / h, or even 80 km / h near the heaviest showers._AF

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