Companies want derogations to help them


How are companies going to pay September wages to their employees? The question has been asked for several weeks and at the time of making the pay slips the answer is still not found. Irma having passed on September 6, no company has been able to generate revenue (apart from that requisitioned by the State) and all of them are now finding themselves with cash flow problems. Problems that the Guadeloupe regional prefect, Eric Maire, traveling to Saint-Martin noted yesterday morning during a meeting with socio-professionals at the CCISM to bring them back to Paris.

State officials confirmed that companies could lay off workers economically or resort to partial / technical unemployment called part-time work, while clarifying that "procedural alleviations" had been obtained to deal with the situation. But they do not have time to list them as the socio-professionals have stepped up to the plate. Entrepreneurs want exceptional derogations. They do not want common law devices, that is to say devices that apply in normal times. They do not want to dismiss their staff and cannot use partial activity because it does not meet their needs. And even if they agree to dismiss, they are unable to pay the compensation. The president of the Collectivity, Daniel Gibbs, was last week in Paris to present proposals, such as the assumption of all the net salaries of employees put into partial activity for four months. "But it's ineffective," said the inter-ministerial delegate for reconstruction.

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