Women's Rights at the heart of the concerns of public authorities


Visiting Saint-Martin, Lucette Faillot, director of the Regional Delegation for Women's Rights and Equality (DRDFE), spoke during a long meeting at the prefecture with officials and actors in the field. on the issue of violence against women, an alarming problem in the territory.
A press conference was held at the end of this meeting which took place behind closed doors in the presence of the person concerned, Vincent Berton, delegate prefect, Régis Elbez, secretary general for regional affairs and sub-prefect for recovery , Julien Marie, director of cabinet services, Warrant Officer Berthault, head of the Maison de la Protection des Familles (MPF), Jeanine Arnell, referent for women's rights and equal opportunities between women and men for the Community, Farah Viotty, director of the Red Cross of Saint-Martin, Audrey Gil, director of the Le Manteau association (ALEFPA), Hénoc Patrick, coordinator of the local security and crime prevention council (CLSPD), Nathalie Marrien, Deputy Director General of the Solidarity and Families Division, Olivier Canale-Fatou, President and Director of Trait d'Union France Victime 978 and Alexandra Viotty of the "We All SXM" collective. During this group meeting, representatives of the voluntary sector expressed their lack of means to fight against violence against women as well as the seriousness of the situation, considered worrying by Vincent Berton. Quite rightly, between 2021 and 2022, a 20% increase in interventions in the context of domestic violence has been noted by the police: for 148 interventions in 2021, there are 177 in 2022. place on the territory are as follows: Trait d'Union, which received 780 female victims in 2022, offers emergency accommodation in its two relay apartments, one of which is financed by the prefecture, occupied in turn in 2021 by 22 women victims of violence and their children, whose psychological trauma is colossal; the Manteau which offers, among other things, food aid and accommodation with 12 beds available and the Red Cross which works on prevention and information. For more visibility on the devices, the prefecture provides a brochure containing them and the alert number 3919. Because one should never condone violence against women or turn a blind eye, Lucette Faillot calls for concrete and lasting actions for a general mobilization in order to reduce this scourge which is raging on the territory of Saint-Martin. _Vx

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