Leo Club Safari / Dinner in the dark: live a puzzling experience!


Momentarily losing your sight: this is the unique experience that the young people of Leo Club Safari will give you over dinner. The 2nd edition of the Dinner in the Dark will take place on Saturday, November 6 at The Bridge restaurant.

In a total immersion in the universe of the blind and intended to "raise awareness" of the visual handicap experienced by the blind.

This is an opportunity to learn to use all of your senses, except sight, and to understand (a little better) the handicap of blindness.

Two artists will animate the evening, Swé, an artist from Guadeloupe. Her Handicap, she is visually impaired and her strength her Voice, and the beautiful and talented Yemaha.

The funds collected during this evening will allow the Leo Club Safari to finance eyeglasses for children / young people in precarious situations.

Info and reservation (35 €): 06 90 74 69 38. 

Mandatory health pass.

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