The removal of shipwrecks: the file is progressing


Slowly but surely, the dossier for the removal of shipwrecks in the lagoon on the French side is advancing… at the pace of the French administration.

In July 2019, the community selected Koole Contractors  following a notice of public call for competition. But the Dutch-based company had not met all the legal obligations, so the COM had to cancel the contract. 

Two years later, the COM republishes a call for tenders and Koole Contractors is again selected at the end of 2021. However, the site cannot yet begin on the ground, Koole Contractors must still register with the prefecture's services its request "for storage facility, depollution and dismantling of waste from out-of-service pleasure and sports boats”. A process that will take several months.

The prefecture has just authorized the Koole installations this week. They are located on an area of ​​1500 square meters at the level of the Royal Marina towards Sandy Ground. They can now be fitted out for the start of construction.

The amount of the contract is 5,11 million euros excluding tax. (  

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